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Best 5 supplement’s for weight loss/


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It is this discovery that has had many traveling the path to healthier living.

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It is important to consume natural foods and avoid processed foods to be healthier. The following infographic can be of great help in knowing more about the importance of natural foods and what they offer.

Colures of Healthy Eating

More people are now taking up healthy living habits like eating more nutrient-rich meals and exercising, but a significant concern for most people is losing weight. However, with weight loss shakes, shedding the extra weight has never been easier, but on this web, are 5 supplements for effective weight loss that may interest you:

weight loss supplements

1. Garcinia Cambogia

2. Green Tea

3. Diet shakes

4. Glucomannan

5. Protein Shakes

Garcinia Cambogia

This natural weight loss supplement is derived from the Garcinia fruit, originating in the southern part of India, the Hydroxycitric Acid obtained from the fruit’s rind is the active ingredient that is mainly responsible for weight loss. According to research, the acid inhibits the conversion of glucose to fat leading to weight loss, it also triggers the production of an enzyme that burns liver fat. Hydroxycitric acid suppresses your appetite for food naturally to keep you feeling satisfied for longer.

Green Tea

Some have referred to green tea as the planet’s healthiest beverage. However, its fat-burning and antioxidant properties are the reason why many prefer it, it has low levels of caffeine, a stimulant that assists in the burning of fat in the body. The presence of antioxidants in caffeine, and especially Epigallocatechin gallate, is beneficial for boosting the rate of metabolism. Green tea contains compounds that mobilize the burning of fat inside fat cells by enhancing the effects of the hormone responsible for burning it.

Diet shakes

There is indisputable evidence in research regarding the efficacy of meal replacement shakes these shakes provide consumers with the necessary nutrition in a simple beverage. Weight loss shakes provide low-fat high nutrient content in a drink that you can easily take while on the move. Meal replacement weight loss shakes are great for kick-starting your journey to weight loss most of these shakes contain high fiber content to keep you feeling full for longer. But they also contain protein to help you build more muscle and sinew, these products also contain vitamins and trace minerals to help you fight the free radicals that damage body cells.


This is the fiber extract got from elephant yam roots but they become gelatinous after absorbing water in the digestive system where it sits to make you full and suppress your appetite. Studies have shown that when supplementing a diet, Glucomannan can help in the loss of a significant amount of weight in just a short time.

 Protein Shakes

Weight Loss shakes have been useful in helping people lose weight as they build more body muscle, but ordinarily, protein powders are mixed with water and other optional ingredients to make a nutritious beverage. Protein shakes come in handy when there is a limited supply of foods with high-quality protein.

There are 6 popular protein powders in the market:

Pea protein

Soy Protein

Casein protein

Hemp protein

Whey Protein

Rice protein


Most of these weight loss supplements are extracted from natural products. These extracts are converted into powders or fluids that you can easily prepare while on the go. When the organic food bug has already bitten, then you can source an organic weight loss supplement among the numerous available in the market currently.

You should also avoid bitter orange supplements if you take caffeine, certain medications (such as MAO inhibitors), or herbs or other supplements that speed up the heart rate.

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