Water Filtration & Filtering Methods

Water Filtration

Water Filtration

Water Filtration


Water is an organic colorless and tasteless substance. Which is the main constituent of all known living organisms. Which acts as a is the most important thing for all known forms of life   


(H2O) IS A CHEMICAL FORMULA. It contains one oxygen and two hydrogens…

 Water pollution

Water pollution is the main problem at this time in the world. Polluted water is very dangerous for health. Using polluted water effected in our bodies negatively. When water is polluted it’s automatically affected all forms of life that depend on this source directly or indirectly. Always used water after filtration. Because many of the micro smallest bacteria are affected badly. When we use water after filtration we save our life from different diseases. So always used water after filtration 


Filtration is a mechanical process. It is used for the separation of one substance from another. In water filtration, after filtration removed all dust particles and obtained pure water …

What is water filtering…?

Water filtering is a method that is used to filter chemical compounds and separate organic or inorganic particles. The process of water filtering is provide us with pure water for drinking. Purification of water takes place on a small and large scale. After water filtering obtained clean and potable water and this water is used in many things like drinking.


  1. Water filtering removed dust particles.
  2. Water filtering also improves the taste.
  3. It improves its smell
  4. It reduces the amount of chlorine.
  5. After using filtrated water skin and hairs are healthy.
  6. Its removed harmful chemical and bacteria.
  7. It supports the developing immune system
  8. Bottled water is too expensive but water filtration is not an expensive process
  9. Filtration is the most efficient method


Water is the most important thing to live in the world. Our body survives 60% from water. But when we used polluted water it is very harmful to our bodies and health management. But when we used filtrated water, we save our life 99% of different harmful diseases. Filtrated water is most important for the processing of life.


                                                                 1.    MECHANICALLY

                                                                2.     BIOLOGICALLY

                                                                 3.    CHEMICALLY


                                                  Mechanical water filtration is designed to remove dust particles for cleared and purified water. This type of filtration is specifically designed. It can be used to maintain the substance of water. It makes taste better for drinking. This filtration system is depth filtration and removed uncertain particles in water. This mechanical filtration is placed directly in water fellow. This type of filtration removed decayed plant material and uneaten food, and other various affected particles in the aquarium water. This type of filtration is a single-process filtration. It is usually used in an electronic filter with radio frequency. It can also use to maintain the cleanness of water substances.


                                              This filtration method is a general filtrated method that is used to benefit bacteria clean in aquarium water on a molecular level. The main use of this filtration is to convert harmful ammonia into nitrites, this nitrate is more harmful but after biological filtration, this nitrate is less toxic. Biological filtration is used in big points like saving for fish farms. Biological filtration is the most important separation process because it separates easily dust practical in water and obtained fresh water. It is a pollution control method and this method saved the environment for fish. This method is very uses full on large scale after using this method make sure we obtained portable water.


                                              This filtration method is too designed for any filtrating substance that can be changed the chemical composition of water. But mostly it’s often used for cleaning activated carbons and other bacterial resins. Activated carbons are usually made from various base materials, this material had been heated like stream treated. This steaming process easily makes carbon porous. This porous substance covers a surface area. When the water passed out on the carbon surface, this carbon automatically attracted wit and removed harmful bacteria and making water potable. Chemically pollutants. Chemical filtration has three types of filtration but one of them is mostly used for aquariums. The other two types are biological types and mechanical types.




                                     Boiling is the simplest method for water filtration. It is a rapid action. Everyone can easily use this method and obtained pure water after filtration.  In this method water is heated to a maximum boiling point, this boiling point is 100C or 212F. This method is used to obtain potable water after killing microbes and different viruses that are present in it. So this method is too easy for water filtration and no more expensive than other filtrating methods.


                                                            This process is used to remove undesirable chemical bacteria. This method can reduce the different particles like bacteria fungi algae and viruses as well as reduce the range of dissolved and UN dissolved particles. This method is sometimes more expensive than the boiling method.  It makes a more suitable taste. After using this method to get more clean and safe and tasted water for drinking.


                                                             This iodine addition method removed a form of active carbon in water. It is not a too costly method, but it is a too effective and simple method for filtration. When you have liquid iodine. So puts 5 to 10 drops in one-liter water mix it very well and still stand for 30 minutes. You see that iodine works better to kill all bacteria. Iodine is always used for a throat problems. The iodine method is always used 30 to 40 minutes before drinking, because when using this water after two to three weeks. so this water makes harmful for you when you have thyroid problems and some heart problems.  


                                                                      Solar purification is used to make portable water filtration. This method used solar energy to make pure and safe water for drinking. This method uses solar panels and solar PV and solar thermal. Solar thermal purification is used the sun’s heat for water heating and makes it portable. When ultraviolet rays through the water, they kill all the germs and remove all the contaminants and make water safe for drinking. 


                                                                                              Clay vessel filtration is a system used to purify unsanitary water. This method is used to hundred years ago but locally. At this time this method was used in different factories to, make water pure and safe. Today using this method 750,000 people drink pure water and save their life from different diseases. This method makes water poured this way, firstly collected some water in a ceramic filter pot and collected pure water after passing the ceramic filter pot. This system is also doing for safe and clean storage because after this process water is used.


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